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We invite you to discover our Artisan Créateurs – the artists and crafts people of the Languedoc and surrounding region of Occitanie in the South of France.
An exciting resource for you as a visitor to our region – check out our directory of Artisan Listings and add a new element to your holiday by
visiting their ateliers and the Artisan markets to appreciate the richness and diversity of their skills and handmade creations.

Terms & Conditions of Use



This website was created by ‘Artisan Créateurs du Languedoc’ (ACL) to allow Artisan Créateurs, Artists and Crafts people, to promote their work to tourists and visitors to the region by submitting Listings for the online directory.

By visiting and using this site in any manner, visitors and Artisan Créateurs accept all of these conditions and acknowledge that the use of the ACL website is governed by French law.

ACL reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. The changes take effect from the date they are published to the website. Account holders shall be notified accordingly by email.

The ACL website accepts no liability for any direct or indirect damage related to the access to and use of this site. In addition, the site user agrees to access the site using the latest equipment, not containing viruses or malware and with a recent browser updated.

These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy which can be found on our site.

For Visitors

Artisan Information

All contact and other details of individual Artisans on the site are provided by the Artisans and, although requiring updates by the Artisans , ACL cannot guarantee their accuracy at any particular time.

All information regarding the skills and creations of individual Artisans on the site is provided by the Artisan and ACL cannot guarantee the availability, descriptive accuracy, quality and intellectual property of any particular product.

Trading with Artisans

ACL cannot in any way be held responsible for the consequences of trading with or buying from the Artisans displaying their skills and creations on the site. Any trading is strictly between the site visitor and the Artisan.

In order to guarantee the availability of the works and products present on this site, ACL recommends you to make contact directly with the Artisan Créateur.

Reproduction and Copyrights

The works shown on this site are protected by copyright and it is strictly forbidden to reproduce them in any way.

All Listing texts, logos, photos, videos and illustrations contained on this website are the property of their respective Listing owners.

As a site visitor you accept and agree that they may not be used, reproduced or adapted in any form or medium , in whole or in part, without the express consent of their respective creators.

Site Web Links

Artisan Listings on this site may contain links to other web sites through hypertext links. ACL declines all responsibility for the information presented on these other websites and any technical, malware or virus problems suffered by using these sites. We will immediately remove links to any such sites if we are informed.

Visitor Reviews

Visitors may submit reviews and star ratings on any Artisan Premium Listing.

Reviews must be relevant to the Listing and must not contain any promotional material of any kind, including self-promotional URLs. We reserve the right to reject any URL, e-mail address, or phone number for any reason.

ACL is not responsible for the comments made by visitors in Listing Reviews and reserves the right to remove any or all of the text or visual content of such reviews if they are deemed illegal or offensive or spam or inappropriate for whatever reason.

For Artisans

User Accounts

ACL offers the Artisan Créateur the opportunity to promote their skills and creations by registering a User Account, which is free of charge, and then creating your own ‘Listing’ on the site thereby becoming a ‘Listing Owner’.

Using this site, registering an account and submitting your information implies full acceptance of all these terms and conditions.

When you register your user account you will be asked to create a password. You must keep your password safe and secure.

You will be responsible for all activities that occur under your password. If you know or suspect that someone unauthorised by you knows your password you should notify us by email immediately and change your password.

In the event of any unusual behaviour on your Listing we may suspend your account and require you to change your log in details.

We may at our absolute discretion refuse a user account or any type of listing package to any person or entity and we shall not be obliged to state our reasons for such refusal.


Listings can be created only by individual Artisans and listings by any club, group or association of Artisans are not allowed.

A Listing owner may create any number of separate Listings if they wish for example for different skills or enterprises. Each listing will be the subject of a separate listing package. These are managed through your account Dashboard. Individual Listings may also be edited or deleted in your account Dashboard.

‘Listings’ cannot be sold, donated or transferred to other people.

Artisan Listings must promote only original handmade products created by that Artisan. Listings by resellers or industrial products are not permitted and will be removed.

Artisans are fully responsible for the content, text and images which you place on our site. Artisans undertake to submit only images and descriptions of their own works which are relevant to the site and for which they have copyright and complete intellectual property.

To protect the integrity of the site, all new Listings and any modifications to existing Listings will be subject to approval by ACL before publishing on the site. Listings will remain pending and not visible on the site until approved and published.

Any sales made by Listing Owners as a result of visitors to their site listings are strictly between the Listing Owner and the Visitor. ACL does not take any fees or commission on such sales.

Listing Packages

Listings are available in Basic and Premium packages as shown on the site. The Basic Listing is free of charge, contains only basic information and is valid for a trial period as specified by ACL during which it can be upgraded to a Premium listing at any time. If the Artisan decides not to upgrade at the end of the trial period, the Listing may be removed from the site at the discretion of ACL.

A Premium Listing is a full promotional Listing with extra display options for which payment is made monthly or annually via PayPal. Failure to make payment at any stage at the rates prescribed will lead to removal of the listing without compensation.

At its own discretion ACL may choose to publish from time to time Complimentary Listings which will appear on the site free for a period determined by ACL. Relevant artisans will be notified by email. They can either claim the listing or request its deletion from the site. Claiming the Listing will ensure it remains on the site. It can be claimed by registering and opening an account to become the Listing Owner and choosing a Listing package.

Listing Content

ACL reserves the right to amend, modify or delete any Listing or Listing content in the form of texts, logos, photos, videos, illustrations or other information submitted in any way to the site which it deems offensive to users or not relevant to, or inappropriate for the site for whatever reason.

Content submitted to our site as texts, images, videos, illustrations, or any other digital format shall be within the quantities, recommended sizes and specifications requested on the site. Content shall not contain viruses or computer code, designed to limit or block the operation of our site and more generally any computer hardware or software.

The Listing ‘Description’ section must not contain any advertising for other sites or artisans other than the Listing owner. It must not contain any contact details such as telephone, email, website addresses or links which are listed separately.

ACL reserves the right to edit, if necessary, any new Listing submitted and any modifications to existing Listings to select more applicable categories and product tags, correct text errors, adjust image dimensions to facilitate site speed and to improve the listing’s overall presentation.

Listing Owners are obliged and agree to maintain and update their Listings on a regular basis, particularly contact details. Continued failure to keep a listing up to date may lead to its removal from the site without compensation or refund to the Listing Owner.

ACL will only use the Listing information submitted by the Artisan to promote Artisan activities in the region.


All payments on the site are processed securely and directly through PayPal. ACL never sees your payment or card details which are handled only on the PayPal website.

ACL is not liable for payment problems related to the operation of PayPal or other payment systems.

All prices on the site are indicated in euros, all taxes included. All payments must be made in euros.

Payment is made according to the rates and terms in effect and as shown on the site at the time.

We reserve the right to change the rates and terms of payment offered at any time. Any change to the price will be effective at the next renewal for existing account holders.

Failure to make any payment due by an Artisan or other advertiser will lead to removal of their listings or adverts without any financial compensation or refund.

Listing & Account Termination

Artsians can delete any of their Listings at any time via their Dashboard.

If you wish to terminate a paid Listing at any time, the Artisan must email ACL to confirm the date from which you wish to terminate your paid Listing plan. No refund of any fees or charges will be provided on termination.

If you do not wish to review a paid Listing on expiry, the Artisan must send an email ACL to confirm.

Please note that to cancel a monthly payment plan, you must log in to your PayPal account and edit “My preapproved payments” under the Profile tab. ACL cannot cancel your preapproved payments, the Artisan must do that.

If you terminate only your Paid Listing, you will continue to have a user account on our site and these terms and conditions shall continue to apply to your user account until you ask for it to be closed.

Artisans can close their User account at any time.

If you no longer wish to be listed on our site and also wish to close your user account please email ACL and we will remove your listings and account as soon as possible.

ACL reserve the right to terminate your user account and Free or Paid Listings without notice and without any liability to make any refund or other payment to you if

• you have breached these terms and conditions or the Privacy Policy in any way..
• you continue to fail to update your details..
• you are in our opinion transmitting or otherwise connected with any ‘spam’, malware or any other form
of unsolicited bulk email or communication.
• your user account or listing  may in our reasonable opinion adversely affect our goodwill or reputation.
• you or us cease to carry on business for whatever reason.

Advertising on the Site

The site may contain extra advertising in addition to Artisan Listings.

Artisans wanting extra promotion for new products or special offers and those wishing to advertise an Artisan Event, Fair or Exhibition may purchase advertising space on the site mainly consisting of Banner or Sidebar adverts. Pricing and availability is listed on the site or can be obtained by email from ACL.

Advertisements purchased shall be in the size, format and location on the site at our absolute discretion and shall be displayed for the period of time as specified by ACL at the time you make payment.

Advertisers are responsible for ensuring that material submitted for inclusion on the Site complies with all applicable laws and codes and shall indemnify us for any loss, damage or other liability that we may suffer as a result of you breaching this condition. We will not be responsible for any error or inaccuracy in the advertising material.

ACL reserves the right to remove or not to show adverts that are not related to the themes of the site or are considered inappropriate or offensive without explanation to the advertiser.

Site Blog/Events page

Premium account holders only may submit to ACL information about their activities or to highlight Marchés, Art Exhibitions or trade fairs in which they will be participating for posting by ACL at our absolute discretion on the site Blog/Events page.

ACL reserves the right to modify or amend or refuse such information for publication on the Blog/Events page.

Articles will not be published if you only have a free Basic Listing.

Site Communications

All communication between ACL and Artisan Créateurs will be via email.

The contact form on the Premium Listing detail page allows site visitors to make direct contact with Listing Owners via email. This form provides personal contact information and the Listing Owner agrees and undertakes to use this information solely to communicate with the visitor and not to transfer, sell or pass on any of this information to third parties.

ACL accepts no responsibility for any personal details passed to Listing Owners via this contact form.

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